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What's So Special About Gelish?

GELISH is the world's first hybrid gel and colour.

Unlike conventional gels or gel nails, Gelish applies like a normal polish (base coat, colour coats, top coat but is cured under an LED lamp after each coat - so is completely dry & hard at the end of your application.                              



Originating in the USA, Gelish is now available in the UK and more importantly, as a MOBILE SERVICE FROM GLOW..... So if you're based in the Chichester or surrounding areas, GLOW will visit you at you're desired location to give you an extra special Gelish experience!

Gelish can provide up to 3 weeks* worth of chip-free wear.

There's no drying time no smudges, is super shiny and it soaks off in 10 minutes with no damage to the natural nail!

Gelish doesn't look thick on the natural nail, maintains its high-shine gloss and doesn't scratch during wear!

Gelish is also extremely versatile and clients will find if they apply normal nail varnish on top of Gelish and remove with non-acetone nail polish remover, Gelish remains intact.

There are a wide range of colours available from darks, pastels to glitters and shimmers with the added option of creating bespoke customised colours. 


Clients may also find that their natural nails grow longer than usual as Gelish provides strength to the natural nail.

Sound too good to be true ?? 

Try a Gelish Manicure with Glow & see for yourself  !!

 Call: 07902 333757 To Book 


** Longevity is dependant on individual lifestyle & after-care **


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  • "For local girls Julie does spray tans and offers a mobile service. She is brilliant and I can strongly recommend her!"
    Jacqueline Hooton
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