Mobile Minx Nails....

We now offer MINX Nail Armour alongside our Spray Tans.

As with our Spray Tans there is no need to travel, we'll come to you at home!

 Minx is the latest must have, low maintenance, glamour your fingers and toes have been waiting for!

These cheeky little Minx's are heat activated and can be applied over natural or enhanced nails. They cause zero damage and can be removed in seconds.

Minx can last up to 7 days on your fingers, so ideal for a special occasion, on toes they will last for weeks & weeks ( 4 - 5 ), so are perfect for holidays and everday wear.

Be warned'll be hooked from the start !!


  • "I have not heard of melanotan. But spray tannnig is amazing. I used to be a tanaholic. I worked at a salon for years and tanned every day. I'm terrified now that I'm going to ge..."
  • "For local girls Julie does spray tans and offers a mobile service. She is brilliant and I can strongly recommend her!"
    Jacqueline Hooton
  • "AMAZING! The spray tan was perfect, even better than when I go abroad - no tan lines & much cheaper!!! Will definitely have it done again. Thanks Julie!!"
    Happy Godmother!

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