Express Tan

 Going Out Tonight ?

Don't Like Sleeping In The Guide Colour ?

Don't Have Time To Wait 8 Hours ?


Our "Glow Express Tan" uses the latest innovation in sunless tanning. 

Unlike other sunless tanning solutions that can take 8 hours or more to develope, GLOW Express Tan allows you to choose the final look, simply shower off after just 2-3 hours to obtain a light tan, 3-4 hours for a medium tan, or 5 hours for a darker tan.

The ultimate convenience for a busy client in a hurry, an ideal last minute preparation for an unplanned event that same evening or just if you prefer not to sleep with the guide colour on.

 Glow Express Tan will give you a beautiful golden colour that lasts in half the time!

**NB : This tan will continue to develop even after the guide colour has been washed off, so full effect may not be seen immediately **


  • "I have not heard of melanotan. But spray tannnig is amazing. I used to be a tanaholic. I worked at a salon for years and tanned every day. I'm terrified now that I'm going to ge..."
  • "For local girls Julie does spray tans and offers a mobile service. She is brilliant and I can strongly recommend her!"
    Jacqueline Hooton
  • "AMAZING! The spray tan was perfect, even better than when I go abroad - no tan lines & much cheaper!!! Will definitely have it done again. Thanks Julie!!"
    Happy Godmother!

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