Make the most of your at home tanning experience by following GLOW'S simple advise 'the golden rules' to ensuring your Spray Tan lasts between 5-10 days or sometimes longer! 


 Step1: The Night Before Your Tan 

 A pre-tan pampering session is essential if you want to achieve a flawless, long lasting, patch free tan - this should include:    

 De-fluffing - Yes ladies/gents, its imperative to engage in hair removal 12-48 hours before your tan NOT ON THE DAY. This time allows pores to close properly and stop that tell-tale dotting that can appear after your tan and ensure your tan looks smooth and gorgeous - if shaving this can be done the day before, if waxing this needs to be done ideally 48 hours prior to your tan.

 Exfoliation - Indulge in full-body exfoliation to remove  lingering dead skin build-up. Make sure you pay particular attention to your hands, feet, elbows and knees,  this will ensure your tan looks smooth, even, radiant and lasts longer. We recommend you avoid using an oil based exfoliator.   

 Spoil Yourself - Why not embrace this time-out by hopping in the bath with a few scented candles and a glass of your favourite tipple ! 

Watch Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for inspiration 



 Step 2: On The Day

Where possible it is best to have a quick shower on the day to remove any deodorant, moisturisers, makeup or perfume you may have been wearing throughout the day, as these will cause a barrier to the Spray tan Solution. 

When you're ready, it’s time to get tanned !

Once you have decided what you want to wear to be sprayed in (disposable undies provided or bikini/swimming costume if you prefer) you will be asked to  step into the tanning booth & within 10 minutes, you will be subtly transformed into a bronzed goddess, leaving you to step out looking healthy, natural and glowing!

Step 3: After Your Tan

After a few minutes drying time you'll be ready to pop your clothes back on.

GLOW recommends choosing something dark and loose… you will be at home after all, so anything goes - dressing gown, PJ's, or just mooch about in your joggers – just one of the blissful benefits of an 'at-home' tanning experience!

*NB - Tight Clothes will leave wear marks.

Your tan will take at least 8 hours to fully develop, so please avoid:

1. Working up a sweat during this time

2. Coming into contact with rain / water  (use wipes to wash hands)

3. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR SKIN during the development time as this will stain your hand and cannot be easily removed.  The colour you will see directly after the application of your Spray Tan is only a guide colour & NOT the finished colour. This guide colour will gradually get darker over the development time, this is quite normal and please don't panic !!

Whilst you have your first shower, either after the full 8 hours or in the morning if you have slept with the guide colour on, you will see the guide colour running off your skin and will only then reveal the true Colour of you tan. 

 (Top tip – if leaving guide colour on overnight wear loose socks over your hands in bed)


Step 4: Looking After Your Tan

To keep your tan looking gorgeous you will need to:

1. Avoid long hot baths and showers

2.After a shower always pat your skin dry with towel do not rub

3. Moisturise daily, this will prolong your tan & keep it looking nice & fresh  

4. After about the 4th day & then every other day after, very gently exfoliate your skin this will help to even out the tan again & ensure even fading



NB: When you're ready for your next tan it is advisable to remove all previous tanning products from your skin


 If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to give us a call on :

07902 333 757     


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  • "For local girls Julie does spray tans and offers a mobile service. She is brilliant and I can strongly recommend her!"
    Jacqueline Hooton
  • "AMAZING! The spray tan was perfect, even better than when I go abroad - no tan lines & much cheaper!!! Will definitely have it done again. Thanks Julie!!"
    Happy Godmother!

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